About us

Keep Your Patients In Your Office

Never lose a patient again. enroot brings a powerful suite of surgical options right to your front door so you don’t have to worry about losing revenue.

The enroot System

With the cross-reference system gone, we first and foremost ensure that your patient leaves comfortably after their first visit. Secondly, we guarantee their final crown is placed within one to two weeks. And thirdly, we promise that your practice will retain control of the entire process - all while seeing increased monthly revenue.

The Day of Surgery: How it Works

Our enroot™ specialists arrive the morning of the scheduled surgical date equipped with the latest technologies needed to treat 6-8 surgical patients. By maximizing efficiency, we minimize lengthy referral wait times and serve patients in need while keeping them in your office.

Our Mobile Surgical Suites

The Enroot Van

Cone Beam Scanner

This device produces 3-D dental imaging using a rotating gantry attached to an X-ray source and detector and is capable of producing hundreds of planar projection images during a single rotation.

Mobile Crown Milling Unit

Our our-on-go computerized milling machine quickly cuts the restoration out of a solid block of material.

Intraoral Scanner

As our scanner projects a light source onto the area to be scanned, images are captured and processed by scanning software which then produces a 3D surface model for a direct optical impression.

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Implant Motor

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. This device is used to make the socket opening for the implant and to place the implant in the socket.

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Global Microscope Series A

This device is used when the need for greater visualization is required.

Our Process

Patient shows up in pain with a hot tooth.
Discuss diagnosis, preform palliative measures as needed.
Surgical appointment scheduled and deposit taken at the front desk.
Patient goes home comfortable.
Patient registers online. Fills out HXX, signs consents, and Financial Arrangements.
Visit 1
Patient returns for surgical appointment.
Patient receives a CBCT scan.
enroot® Clinician preforms RCT.
Referring dentist preps and seats temporary crown.
Visit 2
Patient returns in 5-7 days for a post-op check with referring dentist.

Our Network of Skilled and Dedicated Professionals